About Us

Mission Statement:Our mission is to be the premier supplier of high quality, help good-value surgical solutions to the medical community.

We Strive To:

Build an environment of trust, integrity and teamwork with our associates, customers and supplier relationships.

Develop customized products that respond to the post-surgical needs of patients and care providers.

Be a recognized leader in customer service.

Maintain cost-effective sourcing and distribution, thus offering top quality products and market specified price points.

Golda, Inc. was founded in 1972 by Daniel and Golda Solomon, along with Frank Farino of Leading Lady Company. The company was established when Dr. Leroy Hyman approached the Solomons with a problem in bandaging and providing support to patients following chest and breast surgeries. During this time, the patient’s torso was wrapped with a three inch wide bandage that was uncomfortable and difficult to adjust.The Solomons, with over 30 years experience in operating Solomon’s Corset Shop in Cleveland, Ohio, applied their knowledge to design a Velcro® front closure breast wrap garment. This closure would allow for a reusable, adjustable and time efficient chest wrap. With the help of Frank Farino, they formed Golda, Inc. to manufacture and distribute the Surgi-Bra® to the medical community. The Surgi-Bra® became one of the first medical breast wraps in the nation that allowed patients the comfort and independence of an adjustable garment.

Today, Surgi-Solutions™ by Golda, Inc. is a leading manufacturer specializing in quality medical products for use after lumpectomy, mastectomy, reconstruction, thoracic and plastic surgeries. Golda, Inc. continues to work with the medical community to design new items that enable post surgical patients to heal in comfort.